PTI Baseball was established in 2006 in New York when President Eddie Gonzalez started training young players during his collegiate seasons. He was later joined by brother and Vice President Jerry Gonzalez in 2010 when Jerry took a break from playing professional baseball. With the High Demand of young players wanting the instruction from both qualified former professional players, high school and collegiate coaches, Eddie and Jerry, PTI became known as one of the best instructional organizations in the nation. PTI was among the top instructional organizations by “Baseball The Magazine” in 2011.

Travel baseball began in PTI when the high demand of players trained by PTI hired the coaches to help them continue teaching the game the way its supposed to be played. Respected and Physically and  Mentally skilled.


Eddie and Jerry Gonzalez were born in San Juan, Puerto Rico but lived in the west coast of the island in Mayaguez. Both started playing the game of baseball in a place where baseball is everything. Where you eat, breathe and sleep baseball. Puerto Rico, known for providing some of the best baseball players in the world, brought a passion to the game that stuck with the Gonzalez’s forever. But there was little instruction even there. Eddie and Jerry  both earned full scholarships to attend college, Weber International University (Eddie) and Saint Leo University (Jerry),  and both played professional baseball for many years. They both combine for over  19 seasons of professional baseball. Not only being highly qualified to teach, but to be able to teach the  most successful techniques to young ball players in a way that they could understand and apply, has given the Gonzalez brothers a strong respect in the game of baseball from youth to professional.