PTI Baseball Maniacs is the organizations "travel ball" program. PTI Baseball is a very fair, professionally ran organization that mainly focuses  on the process of developing a player rather then the outcome of a baseball game. In other words, PTI focuses more on the development of student-athletes rather then a trophy that will collect dust in someones office. The organization is NOT a non-profit organization but fundraising plays a very big role in the success of PTI Maniacs teams. The coaches do not have kids of their own on their teams, therefore there is no daddy ball favoritism on these teams.  We are a "Travel" ball team which means we do occasionally travel outside of the city to play in events that PTI believes are more beneficial to the players.  As you all know, Travel Ball is very expensive. PTI has a very strick no pay, no play policy.


These Fees for every team are different. Contact your instructor for pricing. Tournament expenses are not included in the per player PTI Fee. Tournament expense will vary. The cost will be the total expense divided by the amount of players attending the tournament.

  • 18U Upperclassmen: $175/season (does not include tournaments)
  • 15U/16U Underclass: $250/season (does not include tournaments)
  • 7U-14U Maniacs: $600/season (does not include tournaments)


Raising Funds is a must in the PTI Travel Baseball Program. Travel Ball is very expensive, and we want to put forward our best efforts at being cost effective to our parents.Fundraisers are coordinated to bring in as much of the teams funds to make the season affordable.


Uniform costs are included in the PTI Fee.


PTI Baseball does not accepts checks for travel ball at any point unless paid in FULL prior to the season beginning and/or providing a sponsor check. Any acceptable checks can be made payable to "Pro Talent Baseball LLC" and  it must be paid prior to the seasons start date. All payments are due prior to season starting. No Payment plans and/or mid season payments.